Corporate Information

Message from the chairman

In the year 2018, the construction sector continued to grow as a result of the government pushing for a large auction project with a total project value greater than 2017, especially the construction of the infrastructure for large-scale transportation systems, such as the various mass transit projects, hgh-speed rail project connecting 3 airports, construction projects in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), resulting in the Company can continuously increase product sales with large contractors of such projects

In the year 2019, the construction of the private sector is likely to growth significantly. As a result of the expansion of business related to the construction of large-scale infrastructure projects, both still in operation and many new projects, will effect to invest of the construction of housing projects, condominium project, parking building project and the construction of commercial buildings along the sky train and subway lines according to the growth of the construction. Such project mentioned will directly benefit to the Company both with sales volume and increased revenue including higher work in hand. In addition, in March 2019, Thailand will have a new government election that will create confidence for both domestic and foreign, resulting in a better overall economic outlook in the country.

In order to support the construction sector expansion, the Company has invested in Seven Wire Company Limited (a subsidiary of the Company), manufacturer and distributor of the special qualified PC Wire and PC Strand and started commercial operation the end of 2018 and also invested in General Nippon Concrete Industries Limited (a subsidiary of the Company) manufacturer and distributor of the concrete spun pile by joint venture between the Company and Nippon Concrete Industries Co., Ltd, Japanese company, and had construction of the plant in year 2018 and expected to be able to start commercial operation in year 2019.

the year 2018, the Company faces many obstacles which are a higher competition in the construction industry business, uncertain economic conditions and labor shortages. But with the determination and dedication of the management team and all employees including changing the strategy of operations quickly under various circumstances, allowing the Company to pass through that barrier and continue to operate steadily and continuously in the midst of fierce competition in the past.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to thank you all customers and shareholders of the Company for their continued support and thank you to the Board of Directors, executives and all employees dedicated to working together for the benefit of the company with fully capable.

Prof.Dr.Borwornsak Uwanno
Chairman of the boards of directors