Corporate Information

Message from the chairman

“In 2015, the Company has satisfied growth rate, compared to mentioned factors above. It maintained making profits for 3 consecutive years as the leader of production of constructional materials business.”

Macroeconomics factors were tremendously volatile during the past year. Major factors, such as, reduction in oil price, slowdown of Global and Chinese economy, currency fluctuation in Southeast Asian countries, have reflected large-scale impacts, and, as a result, protection policies were applied in many countries as countermeasures to such factors. Not only that, the political instability within and outside the country as well as the shortage of skilled labors were inevitably factors that adversely affect the growth of construction industry.

Despite such uncontrollable external factors, the Company firmly proceeded its business as initially planned. Impact from these factors, on the other hands, have created new opportunities including essential developments in construction material as well as related businesses. As evidenced in 2015, the Company has achieved significant milestones such as treasury stock program and business expansion to the Eastern Seaboard in order to support the government’s economic injection expected to proceed in 2016. - construction of mega projects in public transportation, business cluster development to synergistically enhance a value chain of related business within the same industrial group. In addition, there are also other positive influences includes private investment in housing maintenance and decorative materials, and the effectiveness of ASEAN free trade area. These would directly benefit the Company’s business of producing variety and quality construction materials.

In 2015, the Company has maintained acceptable growth rate despite adverse factors mentioned above. In addition, the Company has been successful maintaining its profits making for 3 consecutive years. As a leader in constructional materials business, the Company offers variety of products corresponding to customers demands with exceptional quality and services. In addition, the Company provides technical advice to customers with determination to operate its business with integrity and transparency to all concerned parties including its shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and surrounding community.

Moreover, last year, the Board of Directors has newly appointed two subcommittees, which were Good Corporate Governance Committee and Risk Management Committee. These will be the key to drive transparency and good governance for the business

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, I would like to express sincere gratitude to all customers and shareholders that continue extending their great supports to the Company. I also would like to thank all directors, executives and employees for their dedications to the Company’s benefit and success.

Prof.Dr.Borwornsak Uwanno
Chairman of the boards