Corporate Information

Message from CEO

In year 2018, the Company indicated a continuous increase in sales. However, the fluctuation on pricing of raw materials together with the increase in costs of new employees are hired to support the expected growth, while the new precast concrete and pre-stressed concrete pile factories are not yet able to produce at their best capacity, therefore, the operating result could not reach the expected target.

In 2019, the Company aims to achieving sustainable growth by focused on reducing costs and managing production more efficiently. The strategy was started in the fourth quarter of 2018, which resulted in the Company’s operating in the fourth quarter of 2018 being positive from the main operation. Therefore, the Company is seeing that strategy could take the Company achieve the goals. In addition, in year 2019 the subsidiaries both Seven Wire Co., Ltd., production and distribution of pre-stress concrete wire, and General Nippon Concrete Industries Limited, production and distribution of pre-stressed concrete piles (“spun pile”) by joint venture with Nippon Concrete Industries Co., Ltd., a leading company in Japan, will come to support the business of the Company stronger in order to meet the needs of every group of customers with effective needs.

The overall construction industry in 2019 is another year that is expected to increase intensely from government sector and private sector which are the infrastructure projects after being extended continuously and private housing market. The Company strongly believes that from all factors mentioned will shift the operating results direction. In addition, the management is committed to achieving a sustainable growth by focusing on becoming a total solution and integrated operations from upstream to downstream business. Moreover, reducing cost and expesnes policy, effective management, full capacity production, increase efficiency, and on-going human development will contribute to the Company’s success in achieving positive results.

Mr.Thitipong Tangpoonphonvivat
Chief Executive Officer